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The mapping information in this website is provided to assist users in retrieving graphical and
attribute data of various spatial layers. The spatial accuracy of the information supplied is subject
to the accuracy of the Digital cadastral Database supplied by the Department of Lands under licence to
Clarence Valley Council and in all cases should be treated as a mere diagrammatic representation only.

Any information provided by Clarence Valley Council on this website is provided in good faith but on the
understanding that Clarence Valley Council is not responsible for, nor does it guarantee, its accuracy and
completeness. If you intend to rely on any information from Council you should apply in writing for that

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Council excludes all liability to you for loss or
damage of any kind and however caused, including by negligence, arising from or relating in any way to the
contents of this website and/or your use of it.

Information supplied from Clarence Valley Councilís Geographic Information System is copyright to
Clarence Valley Council and the suppliers of that information to Council, and may not be reproduced in any
form without the express written consent of Clarence Valley Council

Zoning information on this website is indicative only and Council takes no responsibility for its accuracy.
Users wishing to ascertain the zoning of a property should apply to Council for a 149 Certificate to determine
the correct zoning of the property.

Flood Information Mapping: The information on this map has been reproduced from flood modelling by WBM Oceanics
Australia and adopted by Clarence Valley Council in March 2014 as its design flood levels. Clarence Valley Council
gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy and/or completeness of any Information contained
on the map. This map shows the modelled design flood level only and does not indicate flood depths. It is not possible
to accurately predict exact future flood levels for any location. The design flood levels shown have been derived
using the current computer simulated model for 1:5, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 or EXT ARI (Average Recurrence Interval) flood
events. A qualified consultant and/or surveyor should be engaged to assess the potential impact of the relevant
design flood level against the relevant ground or floor levels for any particular property before making any decision
to purchase, sell or do anything on, at or to that property.

Flood data produced using LIDAR* captured May 2010.Vertical accuracy: +/- 30cm at 95% confidence (1.96 x RMSE) Horizontal
accuracy: +/- 80cm at 95% confidence (1.73 x RMSE) LIDAR* Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). A technology that
determines distance to a surface using laser pulses. Distance is computed by measuring the time delay between transmission
and detection of the reflected signal. Also referred to Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS).

Design Flood
A calculated flood representing a specific likelihood of occurrence (eg the 1 in 100 year flood has a 1% probability of
happening or being exceeded in any year, 50 year/2%, 20year/5%, 500year/0.2%, etc).

Note: Plans are updated from time to time to record changes to underground assets.In the event that excavation does
not commence within 28 days of receipt of a plan, a new plan should be obtained. The excavator shall report
all damage made to CVC assets immediately. Note that damage includes gouges, dents and holes.

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